Our world is a labyrinth of images. They surround, inspire and influence us, teach or reflect our inner selves. Sometimes they replace our words. Since early childhood I have been profoundly impressed by works of art. I would have preferred to stare endlessly into a painting or photograph rather than talk to people. I remember myself trying to comprehend the image, or to travel inside it with my mind, capturing its atmosphere and meanings. I also remember watching my father painting and trying to imagine what he was thinking as he unveiled his images on the canvas. These mental trips provided me with a sensitive, insightful view of the surrounding world and a continuous source of joy and satisfaction. In a way, the subjective world became closer to me and more important than the external one. I use art as a tool that helps me understand and display my own emotional and spiritual life. I am seeking an essentially classical path combined with an intensely personal vision. My paintings are executed using acrylic and oils on various substrates (canvas, paper and wood panels) and some combined mixed media. The subject matter of my works are related to nature, the artistic expression of the human spirit and sociopolitical issues. I have tried to further develop the images created in my paintings using other media, consequently I have approached printmaking, computer imaging and ceramic. I have blended my aesthetic sensibility and perceptions with learned concepts and techniques. I have tried to remain faithful to my European heritage, artistically more conservative, but I have also felt the need to explore the new trends discovered in the American artistic milieu. I have always passionately loved art and pursued the artistic phenomenon with genuine interest in every country I lived or visited. I bear many influences and have been impressed by many artists and their work, but I have tried to learn to express myself in an original way. I find Robert Rauschenberg's words very inspiring when referring to the art making process: "Painting relates to both art and life. Neither can be made." My works do reflect the present stage of my artistic development as a synthesis of my past and a beginning of my future artistic expression.

Ruxandra Olariu © 2024
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